Client Bratleboro   Project inside Hawkers Design Team   Stage Commercialized   Year 2018


Bratleboro Watches


Renew brand identity to enlarge the target


Refresh of the brand to detach it from the rest of the watch market contenders. Creation of product identity and color palettes for different models of the brand to build a stronger image in accordance with the latest product and fashion trends.

Project made inside Hawkers Design Team, with Julien Avignon and Aymeric Fernandes. 

Changement de l'identité de la marque pour élargir la cible

Rafraîchissement de la marque pour la différencier de la concurrence sur le marchéde la montre. Création de palettes de couleurs et d’identité de produit pour les différents modèles de la marque afin de renforcer l’image de marque en fonction des dernières tendances en produits et mode.

Projet réalisé au sein de Hawkers Design Team, avec Julien Avignon et Aymeric Fernandes.


Turn style on modernity


Strap is an important part of the watch style. The idea was to use it to integrate brand gimmicks in the strap shape, stitching, bumping and logo integration. By the integration of rounded shapes, debossed logo and contrast between inside and outside, we created a coherent and modern language for Bratleboro brand.

bratleboro watch design
bratleboro watch design

In accordance with male target


Catch specific targets in the male market and put the later colors trends in accordance with these people. Define them moodboards and adapt the product to them tastes.

Change your statut


With this mature colorway, the goal was to give a male minimalism and modern touch to your style, wearable with classics dark clothes. This cold colorway can follow you day and night, for work or leasure times.

bratleboro watch design

Authentic materials


By using natural colors ad brown leather, gold and silver metal, machined dial... This style put the light on the craftmanship aspect of the watch, to give the value by the authenticity and the culture of that product. 

bratleboro watch design

Rough masculinity


Watches are linked to car universe by the mechanic working integrated in the movement system. This racing aspect is re use on this style by bright color touch, dark backgrounds and variations of metal finishes.

bratleboro watch design

Two rooms two atmospheres


For the women collection, the goal was to offer two different atmospheres, in accordance with your mood, clothes and activities. A first style made to be wear as a jewel, adaptable to low lights with metal finishes and bold colors. The good deal to go out for the night.

bratleboro watch design

Made for everyday life


With its colorways inspired by furniture and interior design, these styles are made to be adapted to your regular dress code. Simplification of colors association and faded tints give a minimalist and universal touch to female models. 

bratleboro watch design