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Client None   Project Freelance   Stage Conceptualization   Year 2016


Leaf Tea


A meaningfull way of consuming and drinking solid tea


Definition of a new tea brand and identity around a dissolvable powder tea product. The brief turning around how using this technology in a new product which allow to control caffeine and taste strengh and help to mix easily dissolvable tea in warm water.

Donner du sens à la consommation de thé solide​


Définition d'une nouvelle marque et identité de thé autour d'un produit de thé en poudre dissolvable. Le brief tournait autour de l'utilisation de cette technologie dans un nouveau produit qui permet de contrôler la force de la caféine et du goût et de faciliter le mélange du thé facilement dissoluble dans l'eau chaude.




This concept is made to be use as a spoon to mix the tea and the water together. The diffusion of the tea take some second and the consumer can choose to remove before the total dilution of the tea for more or less strengh.

Wood stick

with scale marks to show the tea strengh

Solid tea powder

in the shape of the spoon to ease

the mix and made to dissolve

quickly and entirely

How it works


By using capillarity of wood stick, the water show the time of diffusion and the strengh of tea. Higher is the mark, stronger is the tea.


Graphic identity


Graphical Identity made around the concept of traditional patterns, which came from the origin places of these tea varieties. Colorways keep only two main colors in accordance with theme of these places.

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