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Client SKOL   Project Freelance   Stage Conceptualization   Year 2018

Take care of important things​

  If you ever been to a festival or a club party, as a beer lover you must know how painful is to command a beer a the bar. The wait is long, and you have to go across a huge crowd of drunk people and you lose half of you beer by moving you between these folks.

  The SKOL festival cup is a new product made to protect your beer during the transport during events, festivals, clubs... It allow you to keep all that beer hardly gained, with a security cap which reuse the shape of classical beer bottle. Visible in the dark to promote the brand around you.


Festival Beer Cup

Protéger les choses les plus importantes​

Si vous êtes déjà allé à un festival ou à une fête dans un club, en tant qu'amoureux de la bière, vous devez savoir à quel point il est difficile de commander une bière au bar. L'attente est longue, vous devez traverser une foule de gens ivres et vous perdez la moitié de votre bière en vous déplaçant entre ces gens.


Le SKOL Festival Cup est un nouveau produit conçu pour protéger votre bière pendant son transport, qu'il s'agisse d'événements, de festivals ou de discothèques ... Il vous permet de conserver toute cette bière à peine acquise, avec un bouchon de sécurité qui réutilise la forme classique. bouteille de bière. Visible dans le noir pour promouvoir la marque autour de vous.

S1 b.jpg

A simple ecologic kit


Made of two plastic piece, the cup is made to clip both part together on the top thank to a flexible construction. Serve the beer, and put the cap before to move.

Ready for rumble


During the transport, the beer is fully protected. Allow you keep everything safe before to remove the cap and to enjoy your drink.


A guardian in the dark

This plastic cap is clipped on a specific plastic beer cup given at you first purchase at the bar. Unclip it easily after the transport and enjoy your fresh drink. I give it back at the end of the party.

Find your friend in the night with the luminescent cap, and share a tasty draft beer, with advantages of a glass bottle.

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