Client Google  Project inside Google Hardware Design Team   Stage Commercialized   Year 2016



Create a storytelling for different users


Result of a partnership between Google & LG, watches LG Watch Style & Sport are made to support Android Wear 2.0 interface by creating a simple and efficient hardware around it.

Work focused on Color and materials definition for the different colorways.

Project made inside Google Hardware design team

Design by Christophe Koch, Alberto Villareal & myself

Créer une histoire pour les differents utilisateurs


Fruit d'un partenariat entre Google et LG, les montres LG Watch Style & Sport sont conçues pour supporter l'interface Android Wear 2.0 en créant un matériel simple et efficace. Travail axé sur la définition des couleurs et des matériaux pour les différents coloris.


Projet réalisé intégré dans l'équipe de design de Google

Design par Christophe Koch, Alberto Villareal et moi-même

The Maker

Value come from the work

Attached to materials and authenticity of building process

The Dreamer

Value come from the emotion

Attached to the spirit and product atmosphere

The Thinker

Value come from technology

Attached to quality and latest innovations

lg watch style design

Mix of technology & fashion


Inspired by last fashion trends, LG Watch Style templates are made to match different users expectations, fit them style and follow them all day long. The hardware design integrated all innovative and technologic features in a fashionable and approachable way.

Technologic jewelry


On this CMF work, inspirations where found outside of product univers. The goal was to create boards inspired by users, how they live, what they wear, how they think to accord colorway to them lifestyle.

lg watch style design